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About IIR

1.  History of IIR

 Ehime University recognizes the great importance of internationalization, not only in research, but also in education and in building strong, collaborative partnerships abroad. The Institute for International Relations(IIR)was established in April, 2009 to plan our international strategy, to expand our international network, to provide information on grants, to support incoming and outgoing educational program and to develop activities in our core regions.



In addition to accepting and dispatching researchers, teachers and students, the Institute for International Relations is central to academic exchanges and the university’s international contributions. The Institute set up a flexible international exchange organization that responds to the requirements for international exchanges in the various organizations on campus. This includes support for long-term overseas study for Japanese students, support for employment of international students, and maintaining and enhancing an environment for on-campus international exchanges. In short, the Institute plays a central role in promoting the university’s international relations. Following is a description of the main activities of the IIR.

Asia-Africa Center (AAC)

The mission of the Center is to promote close cooperation with instructions in our three core regions: Indonesia, Nepal and Mozambique. It also contributes to the development of a sustainable society by linking public, private and regional institutions. Major projects include capacity building in education for sustainable development, education for disaster mitigation and research in sub-tropical and tropical environments.


Center for International Education (CIE)

The CIE provides Japanese language and culture education for international students. It is also active in planning and providing support for study abroad. Counseling and study abroad programs for Japanese students and trains those who want to teach Japanese as a foreign language.


Office of International Planning (OIP)

The office is responsible for mapping out international strategy for the university and finding the financial support to implement it.

3.Ehime University’s International Strategy

Ehime University has put forward basic strategic goals, listed below, to promote internationalization and, through the realization of its mission to be student-centered, to have a shining partnership with the region, and to be a link to the world, it will create a place where people gather from all over the world and produce graduates with a well-developed global awareness.

(1)To cultivate people who can work well with others all over the world.

To foster human resources on an international standard of education.

(2)Build an international network through academic research

International development centered in Asia

(3)Considering regional issues with people from all over the world

International relations responding to the characteristics of the region

(4)Create a campus environment which is international in both the physical

and mental aspects.


4.Academic Staff (As of April 1, 2015)

  • IIR Director (Vice President of Ehime University (International Relations and Regional Medicine))

YASUKAWA, Masaki (Professor) (School of Medicine)

  • IIR  Associate Director   (Special Aide to the President of Ehime University)

OUE, Hiroki (Professor) (Faculty of Agriculture)

  • Office of International Planning

Director  OUE, Hiroki (Professor) (Faculty of Agriculture)

Associate Director  VERGIN, Ruth (Professor)

  • Center for International Education

Director  CHEN, Jie (Professor)

Associate Director  TAKAHASHI, Shino (Associate Professor)

MURAKAMI, Kazuhiro (Associate Professor)

ITSUKI, Tomoko (Associate Professor)

  • Asia-Africa Center

Director SAKAKIBARA, Masayuki (Professor)(Graduate School of Science and Engineering)

Associate Director  KOBAYASHI, Osamu (Associate Professor)

OSOZAWA, Katsuya (Professor)

KURITA, Hideyuki (Associate Professor)

2. Administrative Staff

International Relations Support Division

International Office