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AINECS (Association of International Exchange and Cooperation for Students in Ehime University)

AINECS is a private organization that was established by Ehime University to provide support to international students in their study and daily lives and to encourage international exchange at the university.

■ AINECS loans
AINECS loans are available to all international students. The loan fund is limited so please ask at the Institute for International Relations to make sure there is money available. Apply at the Institute for International Relations. Those who do not repay the loan, or who are late, may not be eligible for another loan or scholarships.
■ Support International Exchange Activities
Expenses for holding international exchange activities with other students or people in the community are supported. Please ask at the International Office for details.

Ehime Prefecture Committee for the Promotion of International Student Exchange

The committee is composed of five universities and six colleges in Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime-Indonesia Friendship Assosiation

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Ehime University Alumni Association (EUAA)

The association has five overseas branches (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Vietnam) with two domestic branches in Tokyo and Osaka, as of April 2014.

Please refer to the EUAA’s website for details.