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Asia-Africa Center

Toward innovation in international collaborations in ESD, education and research throughout Asia and Africa
IIR will promote international collaborations between Ehime University and Higher education institutions throughout Asia-Africa and to establish a consortium that would work together to develop a sustainable society based on Asian and African culture.

To promote international collaboration in ESD throughout Asia and Africa
IIR will promote and share the good practices in ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) programs with mutual collaborations between Higher education institutes throughout Asian and African countries.

Promoting education and research with core regions throughout Asia and Africa
Ehime University will advance close cooperation with higher education institutes from three core regions in Asia and Africa, which is, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal and Mozambique. Major projects would be… collaboration in capacity building on ESD and education for disaster mitigation along with wide range collaboration on research topics that is focused on sub-topic and tropic environment, society and economy.
We will continue to broaden our collaboration networks throughout Asian and African counties to share our outcomes from international activities.