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Exchange students

What is the “Student Exchange Program”?

The “Student Exchange Program” is for a student who is enrolled at a university which has a valid student exchange agreement with Ehime University. (Please refer to Ehime University’s Partner Universities.) The student must be officially nominated by his/her home university. The term of exchange is up to one year as a general rule.

How to apply

The application should be submitted via your university’s International Office. Please do not send your applications directly to Ehime University.

Application Deadlines

Please inquire at the office handling student exchange program for details.

For First Semester (April) entry: (Late October)
For Second Semester (October) entry: (Late April)

Student Exchange Application Process

1. Students interested in studying at Ehime University should first inquire at the home  university international office.

2. Obtain recommendation as an exchange student from your university

3.Recommended students should then prepare the following required documents, and  submit them to the home university office. There are Ehime University formats for the documents marked with a ☆ in the following list.

4. After Ehime University decides whether to accept or not, notification will be sent to the home university international office. Ehime University will send all documents to the immigration office in Japan for processing.

5. The immigration office sends a Certificate of Eligibility to Ehime

University and it is sent to your international office with the Permission to Enroll.

6. The student takes the Certificate of Eligibility to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general to apply for a student visa. (Please check what else is necessary: photo, application fee, etc.)

●As required documents are different depending on nationalities, please check with the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country before you go.

Application documents for entrance

☆application package checklist (This check list should be sent together with the following documents.)

1. ☆Ehime University Exchange Student (Special Auditing and Special Research Student) Application Form(Word) (PDF ver. is here.)

2. Formal letter of request for admission written by the President of the applicant’s current university to the President of Ehime University

3. Official certificate (transcript) of academic records (English or Japanese)

4. A copy of the page of your passport where your name and passport number are listed (if available)

5. Two (2) photographs (3 cm x 4 cm)

* ☆Healt Check Form (within two months before your enrollment).

Application documents for certificate of eligibility (For smooth processing, we recommend sending these with the application documents.)

1. ☆Application for Certificate of Eligibility  (Please fill out the first 3 sheets.  →  Example of description)

2. 1 photograph (3 cm x 4 cm) of the student, with the student’s name on the back, pasted onto the form

3. ☆Financial statement showing you can pay your expenses (Please convert to Japanese yen)


Enrollment in April Enrollment in October
Ehime University deadline for application documents End of October End of April
Ehime University sends documents for VISA application Around February Around August
Apply VISA at Japanese Embassy or consulate in your country Around end of February  beginning of March Around end of August  beginning of September
Arrival in Japan End of March End of September
Orientation for new international students Beginning of April End of September

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Guide to Japanese VISA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

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