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Japanese Education Program

Ehime University encourages all international students to study Japanese and for that purpose the Center for International Education (CIE) offers a comprehensive Japanese Education Program. In addition to the CIE program, Japanese language and culture classes are offered for credit through the General Education program. It is also possible to take Japanese language classes at two other universities in Matsuyama through the University Consortium Ehime.

Eligibility: Those who cannot take the intensive Japanese Language Course and classes for credit through the General Education.
※If space allows, foreign guest researchers and foreign faculty members.

Contents: You can take two levels at the same time as long you do not skip a level but must pass the level below or take the placement test in order to go to a higher level.


Japanese Education Program, 1st  semester 2015

About details, please refer to this site


(Japanese Education Program)


-Survival course ( April 4th– April  17th


-Intensive Japanese course


-Japanese language course


 The application deadline:April 15th(Wedn), 2015


■Placement test■


(Date & Time):


1: April 6th     10:00-12:00 ( Must start by 10:30)


2: April 8th     13:30-15:30 ( Must start by 14:00 )


(Classroom)    :  Gakushuu-shien-shitsu #1,2, Aidai Muse Bldg.2F