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Scholarships and Tuition Exemption

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

  • Japanese Government (Monkasho) Scholarships

Japanese Government (Monkasho) Scholarship students must sign an Enrollment Checklist (zaiseki-kakuninbo) each month in order to receive payment of the scholarship. Please sign at your Gakumu team office at the beginning of each month. The scholarship money will be deposited in the account you have designated around the 20th of each month. If you do not sign you will not receive the payment for that month.

  • Procedure for Extension

If a Monkasho Scholarship student wishes to extend the term of the scholarship, he or she can apply for an extension with the recommendation of his or her supervisor. Application should be made approximately four months before the end of the scholarship term at your Gakumu Team office.
Extension is not permitted for teacher trainees, students under the Japanese University Recommendation Program who intend to study at another university or research students who intend to remain research students even after applying for an extension.
Monkasho will decide whether or not to extend the scholarship term based on an examination of the submitted documents.

  • Applying for the Monkasho scholarship while in Japan

Each year non-Monkasho scholarship students (excluding those who are already granted a scholarship from a foreign government) are accepted as Monkasho Scholarship students under the “acceptance within the country” program. Recruitment of such students usually takes place from late December to early January. If you are interested, please inquire at your Gakumu team office at that time.

Those eligible:

  1.  Those enrolled or plan to be enrolled as graduate students (master’s course or doctoral course) or
  2.  Those who are going to be in their last year of the undergraduate course.
  3.  Those under 35 years old.
  • Other Scholarships

A notice will be posted on the bulletin board of your faculty when scholarship applications are available. All students will also be notified by e-mail.
Please refer to the table below for a list of the scholarships.

  ➡Please check  here  for the latest scholarship information.

Name              Student Status Comment
Graduate  Undergrad. Research Auditor
Rotary Limited by year
Saneyoshi Sci., Eng., Agr.
Heiwa Nakajima
Fujii Students from Asian nations only.* If awarded, you can not refuse.


  •  Tuition Exemption (jugyouryou menjo seido)

For non-Monkasho scholarship students with excellent academic records and for whom payment of tuition fees is recognized as an economic hardship, a program has been established exempting them from payment of tuition (all or half) or allowing a postponement of payment. Before the payment period, notices will be posted on the faculty bulletin boards. For further details, please contact the Student Service Center (Phone: 927-9169). Undergraduate and graduate students are both eligible.


Exemptions of admission and tuition fees (Ehime University HP)