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Fostering Global Human Resources: Training for Employment in Japan

An initiative for outstanding international students who will contribute to the future of Japan and the world


All the faculties and graduate schools of Ehime University are welcoming outstanding international students in accordance with the ‘300,000 International Students Plan’ of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Beginning with the Asia Human Resource Fund (a career development program for international students created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) 2007-2010), Ehime University has provided continued job search support for international students after graduating, with the aim of developing human resources who will go on to be active in Japanese companies, especially in Ehime, serving as bridges between Japan and their own countries.


In 2013-2014 Ehime University also took part in the ‘Support Service for Japanese Small and Medium Sized Regional Companies to Hire Overseas Human Resources’, an initiative of the National Federation of Small Business Associations. Of the 84 students who have completed the program thus far, 55 are now working in Japanese companies in Japan and overseas.


The program is aimed at students with a high level of ability and motivation who desire to work in Japanese companies. In this training program, students spend the two years prior to graduation acquiring the knowledge they will need for seeking a job in Japan by developing an understanding of the culture, customs, organizational styles and approaches that are unique to Japanese business, enabling them to work successfully in Japanese society.


The Institute for International Relations (IIR), which runs this program, is working in coordination with the Institute for Education and Student Support (IESS) of Ehime University and receiving support from more than 140 supporting and collaborating companies which represent the region, to provide opportunities for internships and other exchanges.


Based on this collaborative framework, Ehime University is developing links with related organizations both inside and outside Ehime, to promote global strategies in the region and contribute to the globalization of Japanese companies.