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An Indonesian sports event: “PORMAS – PPI EHIME 2014”

 An Indonesian sports event called “PORMAS-PPI EHIME 2014” was held in Ehime University on Oct. 25, 2014. PPI, the Indonesian Student Union in Japan, ran this event. This event had two purposes. One was to celebrate the 69th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia and the spirit of Youth Pledge. Following a difficult journey of 69 years, Indonesia has arisen as the world’s third-biggest democracy, just after India and the US. Indonesians feel that it should be celebrated by spreading a spirit of peace and kinship. PPI-EHIME chose to conduct a sports event in this spirit.

 The other purpose was to form friendships between Indonesian communities and local communities in Ehime. About 180 people participated in the event. They were from PPI, Matsuyama East Police Station, and companies in Ehime.  The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia-OSAKA (KJRI Osaka), the Ehime Indonesian Friendship Association (EIFA) and the Institute for International Relations of Ehime University jointly supported this event. PPI also received generous support from; Ehime Bank, Ltd.; Nankai Broadcasting Co., Ltd.; Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd.; Nihon-Kotsusha Corporation; Daiichi Gas Corporation; Ehime Toyota Motor Corporation; Ehime Prefectural Government; Cross Service Co., Ltd.; Ehime Asahi Terebi; Iseki & Co., Ltd.; and Yamaki Co., Ltd.

 The opening ceremony began with the singing of the Indonesian national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and then all participants enjoyed dancing the Indonesian dance “Poco-Poco”.

DSC07624    DSC07642

▲ Speech from Mr. Bambang Soegianto,  ▲Indonesian traditional dance “Poco-Poco”            Acting Consul General of KJRI Osaka

 They played futsal, badminton, and ping pong games very hard, and spent the day smiling. During lunch time, everyone enjoyed Indonesians snacks.

DSCF8770     DSCF8902

▲  An exciting game                       ▲ Players took photos with new friends.

 After the games, winners received awards.

DSC07737     doc03520620141031111048_001

▲  The awards ceremony                         ▲ The letter of appreciation

 Many participants said they were glad to communicate with a lot of people through this event and said they would like to join this event again next year. Mr. Muhammad Agung, an Indonesian student of Ehime University said “This tournament was run successfully. We would like to thank all participants who made this celebration a success and we appreciate the support from many companies and Ehime University.” Ehime University received a letter of appreciation from the PPI for their support. It is our hope to maintain good relationships in the future.                                (Muhammad Agung.)