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【留学生向け】新型コロナウイルス感染症の関連情報/**For Int'l Students** Information on the New Coronavirus(COVID-19)

1.愛媛大学新型コロナウイルス感染症に対するBCPステージについて/Current Activity Restriction Index

現在(6月1日)の愛媛大学全キャンパスのステージ イエロー
Current (as of 1 June) Activity Restriction Index Yellow

6月1日に、本学の教育研究活動BCP(Business Continuity Plan)ステージは「イエロー」になりました。
On June 1, the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) of Ehime University has been changed to "Yellow", the 3nd most severe stage.

ステージ「イエロー」の活動方針/The implementation policy for each of the "Yellow" stages is as follows.

教育活動:遠隔授業を積極的に実施する。ただし,感染防御対策を徹底しながら対面型授業も実施することができる。(第2クォーター期間中) 感染防御対策を徹底しながら学生団体・サークル等の課外活動を実施することができる。ただし県外での遠征,合宿等は禁止する。
Policy for educational activities (classes and club activities)
1. We will continue with distance learning in the second quarter.
2. Some classes may get special permission to have face-to-face classes if they practice proper infection prevention.
3. Extracurricular activities can start again but students must practice proper infection prevention.
4. Activities such as training camps and field work outside Ehime prefecture are still prohibited.

研究活動:安全環境下に研究を実施する。教職員は必要な研究を実施する。 学生は出来る限り自宅にて研究を実施する。ただし,感染防御に十分配慮しつつ学内施設を利用することが出来る。
Policy for conducting research activities on campus
1. Conduct research in a safe environment.
2. Faculty and staff can conduct necessary research.
3. Students should continue doing research at home as much as possible.
4. On-campus facilities can be used with proper infection prevention.

2.遠隔授業の受講について/ Notice on Distance Learning Classes



2.Moodleを使う際に、大容量ファイルをアップロードやダウンロードするなどサーバーに負荷がかかる作業は行わないでください。この行為によりサーバーがダウンするとシステム障害など甚大な影 響が出ますので、厳に慎んでください。
   所属の学部チーム 問い合わせ先は下段の一覧表参照
  学内お問い合わせ一覧/Contact List

Study Spaces, such as PC rooms and classrooms with Wi-Fi for students who don’t have full Internet access, will be open for use from Monday, June 8th, 2020.
Use of Study Space
-Eligible students
The following students can use the study spaces;
1. Those who do not have sufficient internet devices (such as computers, tablets, or smartphones).
2. Those whose homes don’t have a sufficient Internet environment for distance learning.
3. Those who need to study at the university before and/or after face-to-face classes.
-How to apply
You can apply at the reception of the site, please bring your student ID. If a large number of students come, you may have to wait. The location details are listed after Notes.
*For computer use, follow Ehime University Information Security Guidelines.
*If you need to watch or listen to audible data, make sure to bring your earphones, headphones, or cameras.
*When you talk in the rooms, use as small a voice as possible.
*If you are not feeling well, have a cough or a fever, please do not come to the university.
*When using the rooms, wear a mask. Before and after using the rooms, disinfect your hands with alcohol.
*Observe the university rules and instructions.

List of study spaces
Places where you can use desktop computers connected to the Internet (Not equipped with cameras or microphones.)(PDF)
Places where you can use Wi-Fi and your own devices such as PCs, and earphones.(PDF)
If you have a question in English, please email Student Exchange Team.

1. Please follow the instructions of the university or your faculty/grad.school when attending distance classes.
For that purpose, be sure to check the messages (email) from the university.
Please be sure to reply when the your supervisor or other university staff requests a reply.
* If you do not receive a notification from the faculty by April 29, please contact the academic affairs office you your faculty listed below.
2. When using Moodle, refrain from downloading large files. Those actions may cause the server to go down.
3. If you cannot prepare a PC, a tablet or a smartphone and have no internet environment, please consult international office.
4. When attending distance classes, be sure to follow etiquette on the network, and to protect copyright etc.
Please do not violate relevant laws.
5. If you have any problems in your student life, please contact the following.
  1) Consultation regarding class
  Academic affairs office of your faculty/grad.school listed below
  2) Counseling about student life
  International Office or Prof. Ruth Vergin
  3) Consultation on Moodle
  General Information Media Center
  Contact List

3.新型コロナウイルス感染を防ぐための毎日の健康管理について/What we can do for prevention ~Things to do on a daily basis~


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is expanding in Shikoku (Cases in Japan by Prefecture). You can check the latest information on the prevention from infection, on the website of the campus health service center.

---Below is the information from JAAN (Japan Africa Academic Network) ---
To international students studying in Japan
(1) International Medical Information Center
In response to the spread of COVID-19, the Japan Medical Association through AMDA International Medical Information Center has announced that it will set up a dedicated window for telephone consultations from foreigners staying in Japan from April 10 to May 20.
Multiple languages including English and service hours (everyday, 10:00-17:00)
Tel: 03-6233-9266
In multiple languages including English, AMDA International Medical Information Center introduce medical facilities with staff who speak the patients' languages and explain the Japanese Health Care System.

(2) Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a visitor hotline
In response to the spread of COVID-19, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a visitor hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call for tourist information or assistance in case of accidents and emergencies. Support is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
Tel: 050-3816-2787

(3) How to stop the spread of COVID-19
The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), Japanese government-affiliated general incorporated foundation, provides information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) through multiple languages’ template below.

4.特別定額給付金について【1人につき10万円の給付】/On financial support of \100,000 by the Japanese government

令和2年4月 27日において、住民基本台帳に記録されている者が給付対象者となります。その者の属する世帯の世帯主を受給権者とし、給付対象者1人につき10万円を給付します。
マイナンバーカードを持っている場合、5月1日(金)からオンラインで申請できます。 マイナンバーカードを持っていない場合は郵送申請となり、その場合は申請書が5月18日(月)から令和2年5月26日(火)の間に、住民票を登録している住所へ郵送されます。
The Japanese government has announced that, due to economical difficulties caused by COVID 19, it will be giving financial support of \100,000 to residents of Japan. The eligibility and application process are given below, please note that it may change in the future.
In addition to Japanese citizens, all foreign residents who have Resident Cards as of April 27, 2020 are eligible. If there is more than one person with a Resident Card in a household, the registered head of the household shall be the recipient for all.
An application form will be mailed from the local government to the head of each household and the head of the household must submit the application on behalf of all the people in the household by postal mail or online (for My Number Card holders).
Unless otherwise noted, the money will be paid by bank transfer to a bank account in the applicant's name.
If you have a My Number card, you can apply online from today May 1(Fri.).
If you do not have a My Number card, the application form will be mailed between May 18 (Mon.) and 26 (Tue.) to the address you register your resident card.
For the details, please check the following Matsuyama City website
Matsuyama City website
The starting date of application and bank transfer will be determined by the municipality.
People will have about 3 months to fill out and send their applications.

Please be aware of any fraud or scams that urge you to apply by any other methods.

*関連リンク(外部サイト)/You can refer to the following websites (in Japanese) for more information.
総務省 特別定額給付金ポータルサイト
Guide to Special Cash Payments (by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
特別定額給付金申請書(見本)/Application Form for the Special Cash Payment(English, 中文, Bahasa Indonesia)

5.愛媛大学緊急支援給付金について/Ehime University Emergency Financial Support

**申請期間は終了しました(5月15日)/Application period has ended (May 15)**

 ①支援金額 1人3万円(申請状況を踏まえ、人数及び回数を決定)
 ②申請期限 令和2年5月15日(金)17:00

Ehime University has established an Emergency Financial Support Program for students with financial difficulties due to the new coronavirus (COVID 2019).
①Payment amount: \30,000 per person
(Based on the number of applicants, the number of recipients and times will be determined.)
②Application deadline: 17:00, Fri. May 15, 2020 
If you want to apply, please refer to the following website.
Emergency Financial Support Program Application guidelines (in English)

6.(文科省)学生支援緊急給付金について【1人につき10万円または20万円の給付】/MEXT Emergency Financial Support for Students

(※5月28日更新/Updated on May 28, 2020)
アルバイト収入の減少などにより学生生活の継続に支障をきたす学生等に 10 万円または 20 万円の現金給付を行います。
In order to assist students who are independently managing their living and facing difficulties to continue with their study due to a significant decrease in their part-time job income resulting from COVID-19, JASSO offers Emergency Financial Support of \100,000 (or \200,000).

対象学生/Eligible students
 This grant applies only to Ehime University students.
 The following are not eligible: research students, non-degree students, auditors, special auditors & special research students (exchange students), JSPS Special fellow srtudents, MEXT scholarship students(※), foreign government-sponsored students, and JICA students
  ※Monbukagakusho Honors Scholars are eligible to apply.

愛媛大学の外国人留学生用の募集要項はこちら/ Guidelines & Forms For International Students of Ehime University
(1) 募集要領
(2) 必要書類(様式)
【愛媛大学留学生版】様式1 申請書_日本語(Word) (PDF)
【愛媛大学留学生版】様式2 誓約書_日本語(Word) (PDF)
【愛媛大学留学生版】別紙様式 アルバイトに係る自己申告書_日本語(Word) (PDF)
(3) 書類の提出方法
(4) 提出先
  〒790-8577 愛媛県松山市文京町3
  愛媛大学国際連携課内「学生支援緊急給付金 留学生担当」
(5) 締め切り

(1) Application Guideline
**Important**【For Ehime Univ.Int'l Student】Application Guideline for Emergency Student Support_English(PDF)
(2) Application Forms
【For Ehime Univ.Int'l Student】FORM1 Application Form_English(Word) (PDF)
【For Ehime Univ.Int'l Student】FORM2 Oath Concerning Requirements to Receive_Eng(Word) (PDF)
【For Ehime Univ.Int'l Student】ADD.FORM Part-time Job Statement_English(Word) (PDF)
(3) Application method
Submission must be by post with the Japan Post “Letterpack Light” (\370)
*The university will NOT accept submissions by email, online submission, or if it is brought to the office.
*Please write “MEXT Emergency Financial Support application forms inside” in red on the front left-hand side of the envelope.
(4) Postal address
International Relations Division, Ehime University
3 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-8577
(5) Application deadline
The documents must be postmarked, at latest, on Monday, June 8, 2020.
Application documents postmarked after June 8 will not be accepted.

 ※文部科学省サイトに掲載の申請書・誓約書は使用しないこと。/Do not use the forms on the MEXT's website.

参考リンク/Links for reference
愛媛大学の日本人・定住者等の学生はこちらの案内にしたがってください/For Residents Visa Holder, please follow the guideline for the Japanese students(in Japanese only)
Q&A集(文部科学省版)  FAQ in English(by MEXT)
文部科学省「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』 ~ 学びの継続給付金 ~リンク
MEXT's Emergency Student Support for Continuing Studies Link

7.在留手続きについて/Residence Card Procedures

(※5月13日更新/Updated on May 13, 2020)

Extension of the Period of Stay or Change of Status of Residence
Immigration Services Agency of Japan made an announcement for foreign residents whose period of stay expires in April, May, June or July. If they would be applying for an extension of the period of stay or change of status of residence, the deadline for the application would be extended for three month from the expiration day.(July was added on May 12, 2020.)
This is intended to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus by minimizing unessential visits to Immigration Offices.
For more information, please visit the websites below.
Extension of the period for acceptance of applications and extension of the application examination results in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
Handling of residence applications and certificate of eligibility issuance applications for those unable to return to their home country

8.新型コロナウイルスに関するQ&A 愛媛大学留学生向け/"Q&A on the new coronavirus (for international students of Ehime University)"

(1) Q.愛大生協の営業はどうなっていますか?
 Q. When Seikyou (the University Co-op) shops and restaurants will open?
→ A.5月11日から一部の生協ショップで営業が再開されました。
生協カフェテリア食堂や生協ショップでは、現金やミールカードを使用してお弁当を買うことができます。お届け便(出前)での注文もできます。お届け便(出前)での注文は、ミールカード、電子マネーIpaのみの利用となります。 事態が改善すれば、食堂やショップは徐々に通常営業に戻ります。学生は食事を買う場合のみ、登校が許可されることをご理解下さい。 登校時はマスクを着用して、カフェやショップでは入口の手指消毒用アルコールをご使用下さい。順番に並ぶ際は、必ずソーシャルディスタンスを維持して下さい。
   生協カフェテリア食堂1F 「パルト」(メニューのテイクアウトのみ)平日土曜11:00-14:00
   ショップ MyDO! (お弁当、パン、おにぎりなど)平日9:30-14:00

1. Q. When Seikyou (the University Co-op) shops and restaurants will open?
→ A. From May 11 Seikyou Shops have been partially reopened.
You can pay in cash or use your meal card to buy obento, or takeout from the cafeteria and Seikyou shops. As the situation improves, services will gradually return to normal. Please understand that students are allowed on campus only to buy food..
Please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizing alcohol at the door. Make sure to maintain social distance when in line.
 ・Johoku Campus
   1st F Cafeteria Palto (Only takeout) 11:00-14:00
   Seikyou Shop Emika (Obento, bread, onigiri, etc.) 10:00-14:00
 ・Tarumi Campus (Faculty of Agriculture)
   Seikyou Shop Aguri (Obento, bread, onigiri, etc.) 11:00-14:00
 ・Shigenobu Campus (School of Medicine)
   Seikyou Shop MyDO! (Obento, bread, onigiri, etc.) 9:30-14:00
(2) Q.図書館をつかいたいです。
 Q.When can I use the cumpus library?
→ A. 遠隔授業中の学習を支援するため、次の特例的措置が実施される予定です。詳細については検討中であり、決まり次第、図書館より公表されます。
 図書館のホームページ http://www.lib.ehime-u.ac.jp/
 このうち「Maruzen eBook Library」「EBSCO eBook Collection」が提供する電子書籍は、期限限定で、同時アクセス数が緩和されるものがあります。更に、近日中に、「Kinoden」(紀伊國屋書店)の253タイトルを追加購入の予定です。

Q.When can I use the cumpus library?
→ A.Concerning the campus library, the following special measures will be implemented to support distance learning. Details will be announced by the library as soon as they are decided. Library website: http://www.lib.ehime-u.ac.jp/Welcome.html
 1)Borrowing books by reserving in advance
 From May 11, 2020 (Mon.), you can check out books at the Johoku campus library and the Faculty of Agriculture branch library under the following rules.
 ※The reading rooms will not be available for use.
 ※Be sure to check your own temperature and make sure it is normal before coming to the library.
 ※Wear a mask and disinfect your hands when entering the library.
 ※You must leave the campus promptly after getting books.(Return the books to the return box at the entrance.)
 2)Additional use of eBooks
 We currently have about 1900 e-books in our collection that can be used for self-study. Some of these e-books, offered by the Maruzen eBook Library and EBSCO eBook Collection, will provide more simultaneous access for a limited time.
 In addition, we will soon be purchasing an additional 253 titles from Kinoden (Kinokuniya Shoten).
 ※A guide to the use of e-books and e-journals: http://www.lib.ehime-u.ac.jp/cgi-bin/NEWS/dispnews.cgi?sel=1167&loc=1
(3)  Q.緊急事態宣言は愛媛では消えました。愛媛県外へ行ってもよいのですか?また、街中にでかけてもよいのですか?
 Q. The Japanese government has called off the state of emergency for Ehime. Can I go outside Ehime Prefecture? Can I go to downtown area for drinking?
→ A.5月(がつ)25日(にち)、日本(にほん) 全体(ぜんたい)の 緊急(きんきゅう) 事態(じたい) 宣言(せんげん)が、消(き)えました。でも、注意(ちゅうい)を 続(つづ)けます。6月(がつ) 18日(にち)まで です。詳(くわ)しい ことは、愛媛県知事(ちじ)からの お願(ねが)いを 見(み)て ください。
A. The nationwide state of emergency has been lifted on May 25. However, Ehime Prefecture requests the people of Ehime to take the precaution and countermeasures till June 18. Please refer to the attached Govenor's remarks.
The Governors Requests to Residents Concering the Novel Coronavirus
(4)  Q.外国人留学生が利用できる外部の奨学金や給付金の情報が知りたいです。
 Q. Where can international residents get a daily life information?
→ A.文部科学省が公表している<外国人留学生向けの利用可能な制度一覧>のWebサイトを参照してください。
→ A.You can refer to the <List of Programs Available to International Students> on the website of MEXT (the Japanese Ministry of Education).
(5)  Q.外国人向けの生活情報が知りたいです。
 Q. Where can international residents get a daily life information?
→ A.愛媛県国際交流協会(EPIC)のWebサイトが便利です。

→ A.You can refer to the website of EPIC (Ehime Prefecture International Center).

 EPICからのお知らせ【COVID-19】新型(しんがた)コロナ(ころな)ウイルス(ういるす)の 情報(じょうほう)に ついて